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The Flat Rate Model is an optioned pricing model offered to departments. The cost is set per user in the department. The Flat Rate Model requirements and features is as follows:


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows and macOS
  • Enterprise Class hardware workstations (Dell)


  • Automated Compliance Reports
  • Automated Patches for Windows and macOS
  • Automated Patches for Standard 3rd Party Apps
  • Application Packaging (Standard and Custom)
  • Level 1, 2, & 3 Technical Support & Escalation
  • Encryption
  • Computer Imaging
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Apple Services (APNs certificate renewals, DEP, VPP)
  • Desktop Backup Software 
  • File Sharing Support
  • Print Sharing Support
  • E-Mail Configuration Support
  • VPN Support
  • Active Directory account for Authentication purposes. *additional charges will apply if home or shared directory storage is needed
  • Remote Support Tool
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