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CUIT's remote access utilities allows the user to access their Columbia resources securely while off of the Columbia network


  • Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client installed on the managed machine. For unmanaged machines, click here to download and install the client. 

  • DUO MFA configured to the UNI account. Click here for setup and additional information. 

  • Connecting to Columbia network via VPN client

Connecting to Columbia VPN

  • Launch Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 

  • **Note** DUO MFA must be configured to proceed with this step

    •  Verify that the Columbia VPN address is configured and click connect

    • Log into VPN client using UNI, Password, and DUO MFA authentication method (Second password)

    • Authenticate login via DUO

    • VPN connection should now be complete

Steps to connect to network share via VPN:


Connecting to Work Share Drive

  • Launch Alpha Map(icon on the desktop) to connect to your share drives. 

    • If Alpha Map is not on the desktop, please navigate to Software Center (icon on your desktop) and install Alpha Map from the list if application displayed on the screen. Once Alpha Map has been installed, the icon should now appear on the desktop. 

  • Select AlphaMap and you will receive a notification that a network drive (G:, H:, etc) has been connected


Connecting to Work Share Drive

  • Launch Self Service (icon on your dock)

  • Navigate to the Useful Links(top of the left column) category and select the required drive(s)

    • Your UNI and password will be required to authenticate

  • The drive will then be mounted to your desktop

Steps to connect via Remote Desktop:


  • The IP address or hostname of the Windows managed machine

  • Authorizing your UNI to remotely access your Windows managed machine

  • VPN connection to Columbia network (see Connecting to the VPN above)

  • DUO MFA configured to the UNI account. Click here for setup and additional information. 

Getting the IP address of the managed machine

  • The IP address can be obtained in multiple ways but one of the simplest methods of getting your IP address is to:

    • Open a web browser of your choosing

    • Go to

    • Type in "IP" in the search bar

  • You should now be presented with your IP address

Configuring your managed machine to accept remote access sessions:


  • Allowing your account to remote to your machine

    • Navigate to Software Center on you managed machine and run the following application: ADCU - Run Add Remote Desktop User

    • Running this application will allow you to authenticate your UNI to access your managed machine remotely. Once this application has run, you will be prompted to enter your UNI

  • A managed Windows machine can be accessed via Windows or macOS machines

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