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  1. Sign-in to your Robin Powered Account. (How to)
  2. Then select "Schedule", located on top of the page.
  3. You should now see the calendar of available spaces. To schedule a space, select the date you wish to reserve a space on.
  4. Then select the Building and floor you would like to reserve you space on.
  5. You can then scroll to the time you would like to reserve your space.
  6. After doing so you should be able to see what spaces are available and what spaces are not.
  7. Then select the times lot of the space you would like to start your reservation for. 
    1. you will then be prompt to fill out the details about your reservation.
    2. You may input how many number of invitees will be present.
    3. You may set your request to repeat as well.
    4. Please indicate what this meeting or event is about under the notes.
  8. Then click "Create request". 
    1. The room administrator will then approve or reject your request. 

For additional guides on how to use Robin, visit this link: Robin Powered Guide

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