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CUIT's Zoom Team leads live trainings and Q&A office hours on a weekly basis. No registration is required, however you must sign in to your Columbia Zoom account with your UNI and password prior to joining. Click to join weekly Zoom training: Wednesdays at 1pm ET

To ensure that you do not run in to any bugs, please make sure Zoom app is up to date on both parties. To do so please click on this link: How to Update Zoom

For Zoom webinar request please visit this link: Zoom Webinar Request

  1. How to upgrade to a Zoom Pro account
    1. Zoom Account Options
    2. How to Check Your Zoom License
  2. Account Creation Video Playlist (Windows)
  3. How to sign-in to your Zoom Account
  4. How to customize your Zoom Profile
  5. Schedule a Zoom meeting
    1. Alternative Host
  6. Schedule a Zoom meeting on Outlook
  7. Zoom Embed Passcode
  8. How to join a Zoom meeting
    1. How to Join Multiple Meetings Simultaneously on your Computer
    2. Join a test meeting
  9. Zoom Meeting Controls
    1. Configuring Audio Settings
      1. Background Noise Suppression
    2. Zoom Rooms Viewing Options
    3. Virtual Background
    4. How to Claim Host
    5. How to Assign a Co-Host
  10. Zoom Features
    1. Screen Sharing
      1. How to Screen Share on PowerPoint Presenter's Mode 
    2. Annotation Tool
    3. Closed Captioning
    4. How to manage participants?
    5. Waiting Room
    6. Breakout Room
    7. Polling
    8. Recording
  11. How to Update Zoom

Zoom Mailman lecture

Zoom How to Guide

  1. Default Mailman Lecture Zoom Account Settings
  2. Optional Mailman Lecture Zoom Account Settings
    1. Polling
    2. Screen Sharing
    3. Annotation Tool
    4. Breakout Rooms
    5. Virtual Background
    6. Closed Captioning
    7. Recording
  3. How to sign in to your Mailman Lecture Account (Web Browser & Zoom App)
  4. How to schedule courses on Zoom (Web Browser & Zoom App)
  5. Giving Faculty Access to their Zoom Classes
  6. How to Claim Host
  7. How to Update Zoom

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