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Ginsburg is currently running Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.2.

The table below shows software already installed on the cluster system-wide.

The list may be partial and not totally up-to-date at any given time.

Use the following command to verify whether unlisted software/packages can be found on Ginsburg otherwise:

$ module avail

For a good guide on how to use environment modules to easily load your software environment, please see:



Location / Module


Anaconda Python 3.8.5 2020.11

Python 3.8.5

module load anaconda/3-2020.11

Python for Scientific Computing

Anaconda Python  2.7.16 2019.10

Python 2.7.16

module load anaconda/2-2019.10

Python for Scientific Computing



module load cuda11.0/toolkit

GPU Computing

cudnn8.0module load cudnn8.0-cuda11.1CUDA Deep Neural Network library
gcc8.3.1 (default)/usr/bin/gccCompiler - C / C++
gcc10.2.0module load gcc/10.2.0Compiler - C / C++
hdf51.10.1module load hdf5/1.10.1High performance data software library & file format


Array Interface Library
netcdf/gcc4.7.4netcdf/gcc/64/gcc/64/4.7.4Array Interface Library
julia1.5.3module load julia/1.5.3Programming Language

2020 Update 4

module load intel-parallel-studio/2020Intel Compiler 
matlab2020bmodule load matlab/2020bNumerical Computing
openmpi1.10.7module load openmpi/gcc/64/1.10.7OpenMPI Compiler
R3.6.3module load R/3.6.3Programming Language
R4.0.4module load R/4.0.4Programming Language
Singularity3.7.1module load singularity/3.7.1

Run Docker-like containers


module load stata/16

General-purpose statistical software
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