Research Topic
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Solar System, Planetary, and Exoplanetary Astronomy

Arlin Crotts

Jason Alford


Lunar Water




Solar, Stellar, Star Systems, Stellar Remnant Astronomy

Marcel Agueros

David Fierroz

9/10 -

The Age Activity Relation among Low Mass Stars

Joe Patterson

Laura Vican, Sam Grunblatt


Cataclysmic Variable Stars (Binary systems)




Galaxies, The Milky Way, Galactic Cluster Astronomy








High Energy Astrophysics

Jules Halpern

Jason Alford






Relativity and Cosmology

Amber Miller

Bryan Terrazas

6/10 -

FSS Filter Creation


Hwei Ru Ong



Szabolcs Marka

David Fierroz

1/09 - 2/10

A LIGO Pipeline for Detecting Soft Gamma Repeaters

Senior Theses

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  • turn it in to Clarence Coaxum, Assistant Director of the Core Curriculum
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