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Astrophysics Major Requirements

A minimum of 50 points, to be planned with the director of undergraduate studies before the beginning of the junior year as follows:

Introductory Math Sequence: Through one of the following sequences

  • MATH V1202 Calculus IV
  • MATH V1208 Honors Mathematics IV

Introductory Physics Sequence: One of the following sequences

  • PHYS C1401 Mechanics PHYS C1402 E&M PHYS C1403 Waves
  • PHYS C1601 Mechanics PHYS C1602 E&M PHYS C2601 Waves
  • PHYS C2801 Accel. Phys. I PHYS C2802 Accel. Phys. II

Introductory Astrophysics Sequence:

  • ASTR C2001 Introduction to Astrophysics I
  • ASTR C2002 Introduction to Astrophysics II

Physics Sequence:

  • PHYS W3003 Mechanics
  • PHYS W3007 E&M
  • PHYS W3008 Waves

Advanced Astronomy: Six points in astronomy at the 3000 level or above

  • ASTR W3000 _________________
  • ASTR W3000 _________________

Advanced Physics:

  • PHYS G4021 Quantum Mechanics I or BC3006 Quantum Physics
  • PHYS G4022 Quantum Mechanics II or PHYS 4023 Thermostatistical Physics
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