Low Plaza Astronomy

Department Public Outreach

Public Outreach Website! for everybody run by grad students with undergrad support

Public Lecture and Stargazing

Every other Friday we offer free public lectures accompanied by guided star-gazing, slideshows, and Q&A with real astronomers. Lectures last approximately 30 minutes and if the weather permits, they are followed by 90 minutes of rooftop star-gazing through our many telescopes. We also offer astrophotography slideshows (small, informal lectures) and Q&A with astronomers during the event so that people can cycle between the various stations (or get a respite from the cold on the roof). Attendance varies from 50-300 people depending on the weather and the topic. Lectures, slideshows, and star-gazing are aimed at the layperson, but children will get something out of them too.

Sidewalk Astronomy

Every month or so, we take our portable telescopes into Harlem at the corner of 125th St and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd to engage the public on their turf. Sky lights are bright, but from here we have a good view of the the Moon, planets, and occaisionally some deep sky objects. Keep an eye out for us.

Cameron's Guide

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