Networked-based shared research data storage is available for internal work for U19 labs as well as cross-lab collaboration needs. The data storage is mounted to a MySQL database hosted on server. This setting enables to save the scientific metadata of the experiments in the database and the recorded data itself in the mounted storage. The stored data has some security measures that will keep the integrity of the database and it is under the general backup policy. Additionally, the Engram storage system is mounted to the database for read-only proposes and can be referred from the database using a file path which has lower level of security in terms of database integrity. DataJoint software is managing the MySQL database using its pipeline managing tools. The storage system integrated with the database and pipeline manager will give the researchers strong and adaptive data management tools.


As of June 1, 2020, the total storage capacity has been set to 44 TB. The total storage capacity can be adjusted as needed, and U19 user account creation can be requested, by emailing [email protected] and specifying "U19-motor database access" in the subject line. Lab PIs approve of U19 user account requests. For assistance please email Yaki Stern,  [email protected].


Connecting to the database using Python:

Connecting to the database using Matlab:


For more details regarding DataJoint please see :

General information about connecting to the Engram storage system is available here.

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