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For example, 
Minimum memory required per allocated CPU. If you request 24 cores (one node) you will get 120gb of memory on both standard node and on high-memory node. 

If you specify the real memory required per node: 
--mem = 120gb 

You will get the same. 

However, if you specify 
#SBATCH --exclusive 
#SBATCH -C mem768 
#SBATCH --mem = 700gb

You will get 700 gb on high memory node. 


Job Arrays

Multiple copies of a job can be submitted by using a job array. The --array option can be used to specify the job indexes Slurm should apply.


"Batch job submission failed: Invalid job array specification".

The environment variable $SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID indicates the index of the array element (i.e. job) in the job array, and is accessible from within that job.

Job scheduling basics

The walltime limit on the cluster is 5 days (120 hours).