Software Center is CUIT's client utility portal that is accessible from any CUIT managed Windows computer. This application gives access to applications and contains updates that the computer requires to remain compliant to CUIT standards. 

CUIT Software Center can be accessed via icon on your desktop:

Applications Tab: 

All applications that are in Software Center are available without the need of Administrative rights. For applications that do require administrative rights, please see Make Me Admin. Clicking the desired software from the Applications tab will bring you to the Application Description page which will give you a brief informational of the software and any requirements that are necessary to install said application. 

Clicking the Install  button will initiate the installation and a status will be displayed on its progress. 

Updates Tab:

Any and all available update)s) for Windows and/or Microsoft installed applications can be found under the Updates tab of Software Center. 

These updates will be silently downloaded and installed to the machine as long as it is powered on and connected to the internet. If a high priority update installs and requires a restart, you will be prompted that a restart is required. 

Once the high priority update has been installed, there is a five business day window that the machine would have to be restarted manually. At the end of that time period, a dialog box on the machine will prompt for a forced restart. Once this happens, you will have one hour to save and close anything your are currently working on. 

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