Confluence Migrating to the Cloud

Confluence migration is scheduled for June 14-15th, 2024. Please note that any changes made during this period will not transition to the new instance. Additional detail here.

The confluence migration is currently ongoing. Please note that any modifications made right now will not be transferred or preserved in the new instance. Plan your activities accordingly to accommodate this limitation. For details on the migration please click here

The Confluence Cloud migration is now complete!

Confluence on-prem has been moved to cloud!

Click on the login button below and use your email address. This will take you to the UNI login page. You can expect some feature, terminology, and user interface differences. Check out the cloud migration documentation for a preview of those changes and other information on logging into and using Confluence Cloud.

Additional information and training materials are available at:

To report a problem or request support, please submit a ticket to CUIT here.
For general migration questions, please contact


Confluence for Collaboration

Confluence empowers collaboration within the Columbia community. With Confluence, you can create, share, and collaborate on projects in a single place, keeping your activities moving forward, faster. It enables Columbia's faculty, researchers, and administrators to capture, store, and grow their team's knowledge in one central location.

With Confluence, you can provide your team, department, or administrative group with a central place to keep your meeting notes, projects plans, product requirements, and more.


  • Create live, shared documents
  • Leave feedback for other users
  • View page history and file versioning
  • Sync automatically between desktop and mobile platforms, across all users
  • Track activity
  • Include multimedia and dynamic content
  • Set permissions to your department, to individuals, or to the public

To request more information or a Confluence site for your department or organization, please email CUIT at